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Basic tomato sauce

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

Basic tomato sauce

There are many misunderstandings about the tomato sauce for pizza. The most common mistake is to cook the tomato sauce. However, you should not do that. If you still cook the tomato sauce from the recipe below, you can still use it for pasta.

Use good quality tomatoes. With our Belgian tomatoes you can rarely get the same result as with traditional Italian tomatoes. They usually have a more pronounced taste. For a Neapolitan Pizza it is best to use tomatoes from the San Marzano kind. These are elongated tomatoes with a very intense taste. You can get them at the better supermarket and the Groenten en Fruithandel.

It is very important that you peel the tomatoes and get rid of the seeds. You will like the tomatoes after all go through with a passe-vite and the kernels would add a bitter taste to the sauce. The tomato peel is simply not pleasant in the sauce. To adjust the acidity of the sauce, you can add a bit of bicarbonate . Do not use sugar. Season the sauce with some salt afterwards. The sauce is ready.

Regarding the seasoning: for an authentic Neapolitan sauce you don't use spices in the sauce. For other types of pizza, use a little olive oil and add orgegano, basil, grinded pepper or other spices (after passing the sauce through the passe-vite). Let the spices marinate for half an hour. Add some garlic a few minutes before you use the sauce

For a pizza diavola you add a little peperoncino to the sauce. But careful with that, it quickly becomes too spicy.


   Tomatoes San Marzano 1kg
   Olive oil (optional) 1 tbsp
   oregano, basil, ground pepper, garlic (optional) to taste


   Peel and remove the tomatoes. This avoids a bitter taste of your sauce. Preferably use San Marzano tomatoes.
   Pass the tomatoes through a passe-vite so that only the pure pulp remains
   Control the acidity of the sauce by adding some baking soda. Do not use sugar.
   Season with some salt.
   When making a pizza diavola, add a little pepperoncino to the sauce. Be careful that the sauce does not get too spicy.
   For all types of pizza, with the exception of Neapolitan pizza, you can add spices to the sauce. Oregano, basil and grinded pepper are the most commonly used spices. Let the spices marinate in the sauce for half an hour.
   Add some crushed garlic to the sauce before using the sauce.


15 min

Baking time

0 min

Total time

15 min


10 pizzas


0 kCal


This basic tomato sauce is a must for any real pizza you make yourself. Simple and full of flavor. We will pass on our verdict:
  • Difficulty - 3/10
  • Cost - 5/10
  • Time - 4/10
  • Easy to make
  • Wonderful taste
  • Tomatoes are not that easy to find
  • Not the cheapest basic ingredients

Tips and facts

Compared to the Romano tomato, the San Marzano tomatoes are thicker in flesh and more pointed. They also contain fewer seeds and are sweeter than the Romano tomato. They also contain less acid and are therefore better suited for making tomato sauce.

The San Marzano tomatoes along with the Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio, Are the only official tomato varieties allowed for the real ones Pizza Napoletana.

If you are not a purist you can of course also use other tomatoes. Make sure you use a tomato with a lot of flavor. Otherwise you will hardly taste that there is tomato sauce on your pizza. 

Use about 90 to 110 gr of sauce per pizza (30 cm). Not too much so that all flavors on your pizza remain balanced. So with 1 kg of tomato meat you will invest about 10 pizzas.

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