Amount of flour

To calculate the amount of flour, you can use the calculator on the right. You need a dough ball per pizza. For a normal pizza of 30cm diameter you need a ball of dough of 220 to 250 grams depending on the thickness of the pizza.

If you bake in a normal oven, choose a hydration from 62 to 65%. If you have a pizza oven that can exceed 300 °C, you can apply a hydration of 59 to 62%.

Write down the values of the flour, water, yeast and salt and make the right amount of dough.

I have rounded the amount of flour to the next 50 grams, so you will not be short of dough.

Have a good meal!

How do you want to make your pizza:

Number of dough balls*
The number of dough balls you want to make
Weight of a dough ball*
The weight of a dough ball. From 220 gr to 350 gr, depending on the size of the pizza.
Hydration: 56% to 70% depending on the oven you are baking in ...

Basic recipes

Basis tomatensaus
Basic tomato sauce
15 min
Basis Pizzadeeg
Basic Pizza Dough
120 min.