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This 'mother yeast' Criscito from the Italian brand Molino Caputo is a naturally dried sourdough. Add 30 to 50 grams of this mother yeast per 1 kg of flour and your pizza or bread will be lighter and get even more flavor. More information about this mother yeast can be found below the product photo.

Content: 1 kg. // keep cool and dry


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Product Description

Sourdough is created by the fermentation of flour and water. By regularly 'feeding' the sourdough with new water and flour, the sourdough remains 'alive' and you can make pizza dough or bread dough with it. What is called sourdough in Dutch is referred to in Italian by the term 'pasta madre'.

This mother yeast Criscito is made according to this method. It is a completely natural product, made from only wheat flour type “0” and water, acidified with a complex of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. The mother yeast is then dried. So it still contains all the original properties of the sourdough.

Criscito adds flavor to pizza dough, bread and Italian dolci. Pay attention: this mother yeast is not a substitute for the 'normal' yeast, it is a supplement.

This is how you use this mother yeast / criscito

You can use any pizza dough recipe in combination with this mother yeast. To start with, you use the normal amount of 'normal' yeast from your recipe.
The 'criscito' is extra, you add it in a ratio of 20 to 50 grams per 1 kilo of flour.
If you only use this mother yeast, your dough will not rise enough. That's because it is a dried sourdough, so the rising power is less. This mother yeast is mainly intended to promote the taste and fluffiness of your dough. And it extends the shelf life of your dough.

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