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Picturesque Tuscan village
Image by Paul Tondeleir

Tuscany, Italy

Anghiari is a small picturesque town, situated on a hill near Sansepolcro. Sansepolcro probably doesn't tell you anything, but this town is home to Buitoni, a producer of pasta and sauces. 

Anghiari is such a typical Tuscan medieval town, with thick walls and a beautiful view over the valley. In itself there is not much to see but it is just super cozy.

Lago di Viverone
At the foot of the Alps
Lago di Viverone
Image by Paul Tondeleir

Piedmont, Italy

Viverone is located in the northern part of Italy, in Piemonte. In itself not so special but in the summer it is a popular holiday spot for many Italians who like to come here for the peace and beautiful view of the Alps.

The lake radiates calm, lies on the separation of the Alps and the Po plain and has a lot to offer. There is the Castello di Ropolo, a beautiful castle where Napoleon once stayed to have a good view over the entrance of the Aosta valley.

Recipes from the Italian kitchen

Basis tomatensaus
Basic tomato sauce
15 min
Basis Pizzadeeg
Basic Pizza Dough
120 min.

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